Go Climbing in Berlin

20 Dec
Video from Adrian Kawaley-Lathan

One thing I loved doing as a young girl was climb, trees, rocks, anything really. I could climb for hours and imagine all sorts of magical worlds I was climbing through. So when I was asked by a friend to relive my childhood dream and go climbing my answer was ‘yes’. I started climbing again a few months ago in Berlin and I can say ‘it Rocks!!’ (Sorry). Not only is it a great way to stay fit and socialize but you also get a strange feeling of achievement anytime you manage to overcome your fears and make it to the top. There are many climbing walls indoors and outdoors around Berlin, but the one I have been to is the climbing wall at ‘ The Kegel’ in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Der Kegel has the highest climbing wall in Berlin at 18.70 m. Although you can only go to that height  if you climb with a harness and rope. For those who are not quite that brave yet, you can  go bouldering indoors on  many climbing walls with a soft padded floor underneath, in case you fall.

For the day you pay 6  or 4.50 for students and 1.50 for the shoes. It’s open from Mo. 2pm-11pm , Tues.- Fr. 12am-11pm and Sat and Sun. 10am-11pm. It’s usually quite busy and you can have a great buzz with friends and interact and have fun with the other climbers too. You might even pick up a few insider tips from the pros!  I recommend that after your hard work you go across to the ‘Spaeti’ (corner shop) and get yourself a well deserved Jaegerbomb or a beer to celebrate your achievements (That’s what we do anyway). You can really spend hours climbing, as it doesn’t seem like hard work at the time, and it is lots of fun. I will warn you, though, that after the first time you will be very sore for at least 4 days, you may feel a bit sorry for yourself. However it won’t put you off and once you get back to climb the next hurdle and get to the top, it will all feel worth it again.

Der Kegel
Revaler Str. 99
10245 berlin
Kegelfon: 030 6676 6837

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