Life Drawing at the Berlinische Galerie

29 Dec

Every Sunday amateur artists and pros get together to further their drawing skills through life drawing at the Berlinische Galerie. I have been a few times now (mainly the Sundays, I haven’t been hungover) and I really enjoyed it. I have a great interest in art anyway and have been trying to further my ability. As my dear mother ,an artist and art teacher, has always said “Drawing from life is the best way to learn”.

The classes vary in size but usually you will find around 20-40 people attending a class. The life models  have a passion for art or are artists themselves, which shows in the poses they take up.  Each pose lasts for 15 minutes , enough time to get the pose on paper but not enough time to create a masterpiece, which is good as these classes are for practice. The desire to always try to create a masterpiece when you sit down to draw , hinders the important part of just learning and enjoying the act of drawing.

I would highly recommend this class, not only do you get to stamp your drawings with a Berlinische Galerie stamp which is a nice touch and a great thing to have in your portfolio, but also, once you have paid in you are entitled to go and have a look at all the art work in the Gallery.

The current exhibitions are as follows:

Kunst in Berlin 1880–1980- Art around 1900,  Expressionism, Berlin Dada, the eastern European Avant-garde,  new Objectivity, Art in the time of  National socialism , the new beginning after 1945 and positions of the 1950’s.
Artists: Anton von Werner, Max Liebermann, Heinrich Zille, Max Beckmann, Ludwig Meidner, Hannah Höch, Raoul Hausmann, Iwan Puni, Otto Bartning, Naum Gabo, El Lissitzky, Otto Dix, Jeanne Mammen, Martha Astfalck-Vietz, Erich Salomon, Felix Nussbaum, Karl Hofer, Georgij Petrussov, Werner Held, Hans Uhlmann, Hermann Henselmann, Hans Scharoun, Fred Thieler, Georg Baselitz, Eugen Schönebeck, K.H. Hödicke, Ralf Schüler und Ursulina Schüler-Witte, Georg Heinrichs, Michael Schmidt
Friedrich Seidenstücker – Photography
He is well known amongst Berliners, he documented historic , social and animal life in Berlin in the times between 1925 and 1958
 Eva Besnyö – Photography
After the  second world war, Eva became a well sought after photojournalist and in later years  the dutch grand dame of photography in Germany.
J. Mayer H.– Experimental Room Structures
12×12– Video Lounge
Over the course of the year  this is where 12 different Artists,  who have been celebrated through their innovative work within Film and Video, will be presented.
 Berlinische Galerie
Alte Jakobstraße 124-128
10969 Berlin
Opening times:
Wednesday-Monday: 10am-6pm
Life drawing classes will commence from the Sunday the 8th of January from 11am-1pm
Entry fee 5 Euro (Gallery fee) + 2 Euro (Life-drawing class) . At the end of the class you will be expected to tip the life model, but even so, it is very good value!
All images were drawn at the Berlinische Gallery by Rosie McClelland,
which also happens to be my mum

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