Yum Yum- Dim Sum

10 Jan

After seeing a link on ‘Mitteschoen’ we took ourselves to YUMCHAHEROES for some Dim Sum. It is  home to the finest homemade Chinese Dumplings. Truly delicious, we tucked into some crispy  Lamb dumplings, Baozi ( minced pork and ginger, served with pak choi) and some steamed beef dumplings and 2 Tsintao Beer. The bill came to 22.50 Euro, which was reasonable enough for a nice, quick dinner for two in a lovely atmosphere. Apart from Chinese  dumplings  fried or steamed they also serve dumpling soups, Yumcha Rolls (homemade rolls made of dough and fresh fillings) and bigger plates, such as Chicken meatballs, steamed silk tofu and Noug-me-ji (sticky rice in a lotus leaf with shrimp, chinese sausage, shitake and coriander.  If you are a bit hungrier, their big plates include Giant black tiger prawns, Jacobs’ chicken, pink duck and a tofu dish. View full menu here : http://yumchaheroes.com/

If you don’t fancy anything alcoholic you can also go for a healthy but tasty option of Yumcha Tea Flowers – finest hand tied Chinese tea flowers which open up in your glass to reveal a beautiful flower –Awww

..Still not convinced? Have a look at this video I found on the Yumchaheroes website. 

YUMCHA HEROES from ett la benn on Vimeo.

If this hasn’t made you go “Yum Yum” I don’t know what will!!

Yumcha Heroes

Weinbergsweg 8

D-10119 Berlin-Mitte

phone +49 30 76 21 30 35

Opening hours, daily, 12:00 – 24:00

One Response to “Yum Yum- Dim Sum”

  1. geraldine snape January 10, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    looks yum yum to me! love G

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