Berlin Fashion Week 2012

21 Jan

Berlin Fashion Week is over and we can all catch up on our sleep now! As, what distinguishes Berlin from the other mayor Fashion cities is that the Berliners know how to party, so the emphasis at Fashion week is not just on the shows but, more so, on the Fashion Parties!!

Nike Stylists Own Dinner Party

Many of the shows were held at the Mercedes Benz tent at Brandenburger Tor, this can make the actual show aspect quite boring because the backdrop stays the same for all the shows, but the off campus shows certainly made up for it, as the creativity of Berlin totally shines through in these shows. I attended the Augustin Taboul Installation, which was very conceptional to say the least. Models standing dramatically on a pedestal, whilst a performance artist recites words through a microphone, mostly about femininity and sex. The clothes were absolutely stunning and we were able to get up close to the dresses and see the intricate details. However I  had to smile coming out of this show, as I thought to myself (being half German), that only in Germany would you get a Fashion show that was so intense!

My favourite show from the ones I attended had to be the  ‘Dawid Tomaszweski’ show. His dresses were flowing pieces of art, the more structured pieces in gold, khaki, brown and black were teamed with just enough kinky rubber to make them relevant to Berlin. The venue was the ‘Heeresbaeckerei’ in Kreuzberg and the show’s theme was ‘Apocalypse’, but hey, if the Apocalypse looks like that then it won’t be so bad!

Here are some images of the show:

Another designer who used ‘the soft, the beautiful , the hard and the sexy‘ was Kaviar Gauche. He managed to merge pretty dresses with metal belts and accessories, not only that, in the midst of flowing dresses he also sent some of his models out in see through full size veils with little underneath! If you will find controversial anywhere it will be in Berlin!

..and last but not least , a few backstage beauties from the Kaviar Gauche show:

All in all,  Berlin is well on it’s way to becoming one the the major Fashion cities. Germans like tailored, minimalist, Jil Sander type pieces, where as in Berlin they like to have fun  and you will find that the designs are heavily influenced by art.  The combination of the two are set to get the fash-pack talking,  watch and see !!!

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  1. Kelly January 22, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    Love this 🙂 Pictures are gorgeous! Great post, more! xx

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