BFW 2012- Street Style

27 Jan

 Foremost Berliners like to keep warm in the cold and breezy winter months. So if you are looking for warm but fashionable style, Berliners definitely are the ones to watch. One colour scheme that  popped up more than once, is red. Not red head to toe but splashes of it, may it be a scarf, coat or bag. Another big trend is the Parka, I don’t know how many people I photographed with the Parka but I had to stop myself in the end , as it got a bit too much. But then again it does keep you warm!

Underneath the witner coats, there are two extremes in Berlin, those who dress down and those who go all out and deliver very creative variations. The creatives are my personal favourite , as quite frankly they make for more interesting pictures. I like the Berliners’ style, as, they are not fashion victims. Most people have their own style, they know what suits them and they go with it. Those that go all out can look very theatrical, almost like works of art.

Berliners rarely wear heels, this is because once you have been here a while, you will soon realize that everyone walks everywhere! So most trendy shoes spotted, were either flats or platform shoes.

People in Berlin are stylish without looking as though they  have tried too hard. Of course, you can also find the super trendy  people but you will find these are likely to be people who actually work in fashion and associated areas, not forgetting that Berlin is a cosmopolitan city with all sorts of different people and styles from around the globe. Berlin has become  the place where misfits -people who don’t fit in rigid social structures- come too.  So the Berlin style buzzword is:  Individuality!

Here are a few of the Street-Style pics I photographed at Berlin Fashion Week

click on each image to view larger

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