Important Dates for the Mauerpark Petition

14 Apr

On the 19th of April the BVV Meeting will be held and they will decide if the Mauerpark should be widened by 3 hectares, meaning 7 hectares will be lost as  Free Space!! The North of the park will be built on and the South will be privatized for businesses.

We need to stop this madness!! The Mauerpark Stiftung has therefore called for a meeting before to discuss how we can help. The meeting will take place at
Café Niesen  Schwedter/ at the corner of Korsörer Straße, Monday 16. April 2012  at 8pm

Also don’t forget the most important date the 19th of April. This is the decision day the BVV Meeting, we hope you can make it down to show your support. The more people turn up the more likely it is, we will finally get through to them and they can see that the Mauerpark should stay as it is a Worldpark for everyone and NOT be built on!

The meeting will take place at BVV Saal, Karl-Marx-Allee 31, 10178 Berlin 

Many thanks for all of you support so far

and keep on signing the online  petition here


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