Gallery Weekend

26 Apr

This weekend is Gallery Weekend51 Galleries will be opening their exhibitions  from the 27th-29th of April to showcase new work. The Galleries will be open from 11am-7pm this weekend and  various tours and events will be held around the venues. This is a great way to explore Berlin’s thriving art scene. Some of the Galleries involved include  Circus gallery, Eigen+Art, Kow Berlin and Kicken GalleryKicken Gallery is hosting an exhibition of one of my favorite Photography artists, Diane Arbus. I went to see her exhibition before in London and I loved it! Her black and white images are full of emotion, yet very stark. They are an honest depiction of life around us, no frills. She photographed real people, often the outcasts of society. This is definitely a must see!! For more information on which galleries will open their doors this weekend and who they will be showcasing, please go to

Diane Arbus, Teenager with a Baseball Bat, NYC,

// Image courtesy of Andrew Russeth -Flicker Creative Commons

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