Eastside Gallery Protest

4 Mar
Sunday 3rd of March, Eastside Gallerie, Berlin
Yesterday 6000 people gathered at the Eastside Gallery to
 protest at the planned removal of a section of the unique
 Gallery, comprised of a section of the original
 Berlin wall, to make way for a development
 of luxury riverside apartments
Eastside Gallerie Protest 03.03.2013

Eastside Gallerie Protest

(C)Jessica_Weber009 (C)Jessica_Weber010 (C)Jessica_Weber011 (C)Jessica_Weber012 (C)Jessica_Weber013 (C)Jessica_Weber014 (C)Jessica_Weber015 (C)Jessica_Weber016 (C)Jessica_Weber017 (C)Jessica_Weber018 (C)Jessica_Weber019 (C)Jessica_Weber020 (C)Jessica_Weber021 (C)Jessica_Weber022 (C)Jessica_Weber023 (C)Jessica_Weber024 (C)Jessica_Weber025 (C)Jessica_Weber026 (C)Jessica_Weber027 (C)Jessica_Weber028 (C)Jessica_Weber029 (C)Jessica_Weber030 (C)Jessica_Weber031 (C)Jessica_Weber032 (C)Jessica_Weber033 (C)Jessica_Weber034 (C)Jessica_Weber035 (C)Jessica_Weber036 (C)Jessica_Weber037 (C)Jessica_Weber038 (C)Jessica_Weber039 (C)Jessica_Weber040 (C)Jessica_Weber041 (C)Jessica_Weber042 (C)Jessica_Weber043
All images by Jessica Weber 

One Response to “Eastside Gallery Protest”

  1. hipstershizzle March 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Can’t believe there is no Denkmalschutz for the East Side Gallery. It’s a disgrace! First Media Spree destroyed Bar 25 and now they’re going for historical monuments?! Going a bit far there…

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