Market on Kollwitzplatz, Berlin

9 Mar
Although this market isn't officially the Bio(Organic)Market
(the official Bio market takes place on Thursdays 
on Kollwitzplatz), you will find that a lot of
what's on sale is indeed bio. The area is, dare I say it,
a little bit of a yuppy hotspot, however it's an 
interesting market,busy but with more breathing space 
than most.You will find delicious foods,everything from
spinach knödel (dumplings) to currywurst, 
falafel to grilled whole fish. The rest of the market is 
comprised of stalls selling clothing, soaps,flowers, meat, 
fish,Greek deli-foods, oils,bio fruit & veg, pulses and 
even bio homemade tofu. The area itself is home to numerous 
lovely cafes (see images of Meierei). 
So if you are feeling a little bit up market  
(perhaps you are a little bit up market)and you love 
anything with the word bio in front of it,
or you just fancy a bite to eat,this market is
definitely for you.
Every Saturday between 9am-4pm

Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz012 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz011 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz010 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz009 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz008 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz007 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz006 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz005 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz004 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz003 Bio Markt_Kollwitzplatz002Cafe Meierei


All images by Jessica Weber-Patterson taken with Canon G12

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