The Hoff at the East Side Gallery Protest

18 Mar


The last time David Hasselhoff came to the Berlin Wall it 
was to perform at a concert celebrating its destruction. 
Now, twenty three years later,all that remains of the 
original structure is a one mile section running along the 
river Spree. Known as the East Side Gallery, so called 
because of the pictures from various international artists 
which now adorn it, this last remaining monument to the 
struggle of a nation and a World divided for almost 40 
years, is threatened with obliteration. The reason: to 
make way for a luxury riverside hotel and apartment block. 
The planned demolition of a section of the East Side 
Gallery has stirred feelings of discontent and resentment 
amongst ordinary Berliners, as can be seen from the 6000 
strong protest held a fortnight ago. Even the Mayor of 
Berlin, Klaus Wowereit has come out publicly against the 
proposals which  seek to trivialise and erase the suffering 
of millions of people over the course of the second-half of 
the 20th century. So, it was under these circumstances and 
amidst this mood of protest that David Hasselhoff 
(still a massive icon in Berlin) returned to the Berlin Wall 
today to bring much needed publicity to this fight against 
the callous and crass, corporate money men who would have 
history ridden roughshod over in their quest to homogenise 
Berlin and extract every last possible cent from every 
piece of land, regardless of its importance to the essence 
of the city. 10,000 protestors turned out to greet the Hoff, 
registering their support for the cause of history and 
their disdain for those who would have it swept away. 
We've been looking for freedom David. 
And still the search goes on.  
Protest with the Hoff Hasselhoff_Eastside002 Hasselhoff_Eastside003 Hasselhoff_Eastside004 Hasselhoff_Eastside005 Hasselhoff_Eastside006 (1) Hasselhoff_Eastside007 Hasselhoff_Eastside008 Hasselhoff_Eastside009 Hasselhoff_Eastside010 Hasselhoff_Eastside011 Hasselhoff_Eastside012 Hasselhoff_Eastside013 Hasselhoff_Eastside014 Hasselhoff_Eastside015 Hasselhoff_Eastside016 (1)words by Neil Patterson, Images by Jessica Weber
(Canon 5d 70-200mm 4.0)

One Response to “The Hoff at the East Side Gallery Protest”

  1. geraldine snape March 18, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    have tweeted and fb this cos it’s brilliant!!!

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