Street-Food at Markthalle 9, Berlin

20 Apr

Being big foodies we were delighted to hear of the Street-Food Market at Markthalle 9, the first of its kind in Berlin. We spent a couple of hours eating ourselves from stall to stall. Mexican, Korean, Italian, Spanish and Jamaican Street-foods, or small plates, were all on offer as well as those from closer to home. Conspicuous by their absence however were stalls from Thailand, China and India, somewhat disappointing given the range, quality and prominence of street-food in these countries. The market takes place every Thursday so we shall, of course, be returning  on a regular basis and hope to see these more exotic culinary treats showcased soon. Portions can be small but are still best shared, in order to taste as many different foods as possible and, while some items are rather expensive, there is also plenty of good value to be found on both food and wine.

Markthalle Neun , Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin.

Here a few snapshots from last Thursday (18th April 2013) the second Street-food Market up to date:

Streetfood_Berlin002 Streetfood_Berlin003 Streetfood_Berlin004 Streetfood_Berlin005 Streetfood_Berlin006 Streetfood_Berlin007 Streetfood_Berlin008 Streetfood_Berlin009 Streetfood_Berlin010 Streetfood_Berlin011 Streetfood_Berlin012 Streetfood_Berlin013 Streetfood_Berlin014 Streetfood_Berlin015 Streetfood_Berlin016 Streetfood_Berlin017 Streetfood_Berlin018 Streetfood_Berlin019

All images Jessica Weber-Patterson Canon G12

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