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The Morning after.. Melt Festival

31 Jul

At Melt festival


The Campsite


The Morning after…

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Pret A Diner, Berlin

20 Jan

A dining experience not to be missed! Pret a Diner is a food and lifestyle concept that pops up in various cities, including Berlin, London, Munich and Frankfurt. The Diner locations are usually in unconventional buildings or spaces such as, old cinemas or on the roof of a skyscraper for example. Pret A Diner is now back in Berlin at the ‘Alte Münze’ at the Kroegel 2.  The ‘Alte Münze‘ is a  former state mint, where various German currencies from the Reichsmark to the Euro were printed.

The location, concept and high quality of food provide an unforgettable experience. An exclusive evening, attendance is via invitation only, so if you fancy trying to snap up  one of the hottest tickets in the city, visit the website and send ‘Pret A Diner’ an email at : http://www.pretadiner.com/inthemix/index.php

Be quick though, Pret a Diner will close down again and relocate somewhere else by the 20th Feb. 2012

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