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The Morning after.. Melt Festival

31 Jul

At Melt festival


The Campsite


The Morning after…

Melt_Festival003 Melt_Festival004 Melt_Festival005 Melt_Festival006 Melt_Festival007 Melt_Festival008 Melt_Festival009 Melt_Festival010 Melt_Festival011 Melt_Festival012 Melt_Festival013 Melt_Festival016 Melt_Festival015 Melt_Festival017


A Tribute to David Bowie

1 Apr

I can remember


By the wall

And the guns

Shot above our heads

And we kissed

As though nothing could fall

And the shame

Was on the other side

Oh we can beat them

For ever and ever

Then we can be Heroes

Just for one day

David Bowie, Heroes

For all those Bowie fans out there you should check out the Bowie tribute exhibition showcasing photos from the various different places Bowie stayed at/frequented during his years spent here in Berlin, and different portraits of Bowie painted by various artists. The exhibition itself is small but vital,  seemingly capturing the soul of the pop star at that moment in his career. The gallery owner is very friendly and was only too happy to answer any questions we had. One of my questions was about the picture with the glass of milk, chilli-pepper and two lines of white powder. I asked what it had to do with Bowie. He explained that this had been Bowie’s diet for most of his time whilst living in Hollywood prior to his arrival in Berlin. When he came to Berlin he was a total wreck, very skinny and ready to give up on music, art, perhaps even life. He continued this diet for a month in Berlin before pulling himself together and getting things back on track. Since then Bowie has thanked Berlin not only for saving his career, but also for saving his life.

Tribute to David Bowie001 Tribute to David Bowie002 Tribute to David Bowie003 Tribute to David Bowie004 Tribute to David Bowie005

You can see this exhibition

A Tribute to David Bowie

The Berlin Years 1976 – 1978

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art

Fasanenstrasse 37
10719 Berlin

16 March – 18 May 2013

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday         2 pm – 7 pm

Saturday                      noon – 6 pm

If this is not enough Bowie for you, you could also check out the Bowie tour. We haven’t been on it yet but we have heard very good things about it.

Click on the link below for more info:

Berlin Bowie Walk! by Mike W. on Gidsy


(This post is dedicated to our dear friend Kerno, as she is David Bowie’s number one fan! )

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